Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles

Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles

High performance static-dissipative floor tiles that protect microelectronics, static-sensitive devices and explosives from damage caused by static discharge.

Performing two core functions, our ESD interlocking floor tiles can be installed quickly and used as the cornerstone of your static-control program:

  1. Provides a traceable path to ground (> 3.4 x 104Ω and ≤ 5.0 x 106Ω)
  2. Prevents static generation (< 100 volts)

Available in two interlocking joint styles: T-Joint and X-Joint

Our tiles have been tested independently against EN 14041:2018 

As per BS EN 61340 Guidebook recommendations, Static Scotland can test your floor annually or as frequently as you require.