BOFA T30A Tip Extraction Unit

The BOFA T30A is a high vacuum, tip extraction unit is designed to extract soldering fumes and debris. Tip extraction is designed to remove the fun through small bore stainless steel tubes and attachments mounted directly onto the sodlering iron.  Ideally suited for soldering irons, vac pens and any application requiring close proximity, micro extraction.

It's compact design allows efficient filtering even with high a concentration of fumes generated from up to 30 operators.  The unit also incorporates a facility for retaining a high concentration of particulate within the filter enclosure.

The T1 uses recirculating filtration technology to remove the contaminates from the air flow and return clean air back in to the work place.

This system has a built in silencer, which has a collar to allow redirection or external venting of the exhaust filtered air if required.  

The BOFA T1 complies with HSE and COSHH requirements for controlling solder fume in the work place when installed correctly utalising a central ducting system.