BOFA T1 Tip Extraction Unit

The BOFA T1 is a high vacuum, tip extraction unit for solder fume. Tip extraction is designed to remove and filter fumes and debris through stainless steel 6mm bore hoses and attachments that are mounted directly on the soldering iron. Ideally suited for one soldering iron via tip extraction, vac pens and any application requiring close proximity, micro extraction. The T1 is also suitable for leaded soldering or lead free soldering.

The T1 uses recirculating filtration technology to remove the contaminates from the air flow and return clean air back in to the work place.

This unit is small enough to sit on the bench or can be mounted under the bench and the T1 is very quiet in operation. We also offer all components required for the soldering iron mountings and connections.

The BOFA T1 complies with HSE and COSHH requirements for controlling solder fume in the work place.