The Perfomaster provides the hardware and software to generate controlled spark detection and, evaluate the spark to produce a pulse signal. The pulse signal is available on the output connector and can be used for detecting and counting the perforations.

Additionally, the Perfomaster can be used for detecting holes in plastic film and caps.

The Perfomaster contains an electrode as well as a high voltage source. It is powered by 24V DC, so no high voltage supply is required. Electrodes are fitted as standard with three special alloy emitter pins which are removable for replacement.

A status signal LED provides direct system information on the Perfomaster.

Supply voltage and output voltage setting to the Perfomaster can be provided in two ways: 

  • Directly from the machine’s PLC 
  • With an additional external control kit

This product has a 4-year warranty

Replacement for discontinued SDVP & EL-10 electrode