CM5 30 AND CM5 60

CM5 30 AND CM5 60

CM5 is fully backwards compatible with ECM30/60 and ECM DI30/60.

For basic usage, a quick set-up menu is provided to set-up the generator to function as an ECM30/60. The menu is available in English, German, French and Italian.

The new standard function Current Control will enable you to set a constant current vs a constant voltage. This will provide you with much more stable charging and will compensate for contamination and emitter pin wear automatically.

The Advanced Current Control is a revolutionary new feature it enables the generator to monitor the supplied current to the electrode. It senses when there is no material to be charged and switches the current to a safe low level. This prevents arcing and emitter pin wear. When a material is reinserted the current will automatically switch back to the required high level.

Should your application require it, a serial bus interface can be fitted to enable the generator to communicate through serial bus interfaces such as Profibus or CANopen (Other serial protocol available on request). Advanced Output Control is optionally available for specific applications. This function provides output control that is proportional to an input signal e.g. the level of charging can be proportional to the speed of your machine.